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Why You Should Choose the UK as Your Preferred Migration Destination? Check How


The UK is, of course, the most popular immigration destinations for many people wanting to live and work in a new country. However, the UK immigration system is actively guarded and considers many factors.

In recent years, the UK has introduced a five-level visa system, based on points, that measures and assesses applicants according to various criteria to ensure eligibility for a work or study visa in the UK. After applying this system, most study and work-related visa applications are subject to this visa regime. Also, the UK government has made many changes to the UK immigration law to protect the UK immigration process in light of the tense political environment.

Details of 5 UK visa systems

UK visa systems consist of five levels of the following types.

Level 1 Visa: Mainly for high-value immigrants and covers the entry category of UK entrepreneurs, investors and business people.

Level 2 visa: The category is mainly offered to skilled workers who have a job offer in the UK.

Level 3 visa: mainly for low-skilled workers who are temporarily short of temporary employment in the UK.

Level 4 Visa: This category is primarily for students over 16 years old who want to study in the UK.

Level 5 Visa: This category is for a group of temporary workers, including charitable foundations, religious and creative workers, and the people-related youth mobility system.

The UK remains among the top 3 options besides the United States and Australia when it comes to workers and students looking to immigrate to a new country. Here are some of the main reasons for this choice;

Social reasons:

The United Kingdom is a multi-cultural, highly tolerant society that encourages all lifestyles. It is also a safe country with low crime rates making it a favourite destination for students and the working class.

Education Opportunities:

The UK is one of the developed countries with the best education facilities. It is a favourite destination for students due to the world-renowned universities, a high-quality free healthcare system available to all, and an intensive care system to support and assist international students and workers.

Unlimited job opportunities:

For foreigners looking for job opportunities, the UK offers excellent options. Factors such as the country’s low unemployment rate, high job turnover for skilled workers, encouragement of work culture, excellent compensation, generous vacations, maternity benefits and legal paternity etc. make the UK one of the many favourite destinations.

Economic and cultural reasons:

One of the main reasons why the UK is the best choice for immigration is the fact that the country is the fifth-largest economy in the world with a stable currency and low inflation rates. Also, the country’s cultural and historical lineage is stable and comprehensive.

The working class and the self-employed population, including members of their families, are entitled to the same benefits as citizens of the country. A UK citizen enjoys more benefits; However, migrants get certain benefits and the same thing depending on the amount of time the worker pays contributions to the nation.

Unemployed students or immigrants are not entitled to the same range of benefits as the working class. British working-class immigrants pay social security contributions to cover sickness, maternity, paternity, unemployment, disability or occupational injuries.