You may have heard of people going on a business vacation to Japan. Such an experience promises a lot of fun and excitement. Before you even think about taking the opportunity, there are a few things you should know.

    What is this program?

    Many countries allow visitors to work and vacation. This specific program proposed by the Japanese government is the result of a mutual agreement between Japan and other countries. Australia was the first country to take advantage of this advantage, but it is now joined by New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The latest countries to sign the agreement are Ireland and Denmark. If you reside in these countries, you will have met the first criterion for applying for special work holiday visas.

    As the term suggests, the program is primarily aimed at people who want to enjoy a vacation. This means that the intention of the traveller should be above all to enjoy the sights and sounds of the country. Finding a job is just a secondary goal. Once a visitor has found a job, they are only allowed to hold it for the duration of the visa. This is usually six months with the possibility of an extension for another six months. Only Australians can apply for an extension that allows them to stay for up to eighteen months.

    Who is eligible to apply?

    In addition to the residency requirements, there are other conditions that applicants for working holiday visas in Japan must fulfil. They must be between eighteen and thirty years old and have never visited the country on a previous occasion. Additionally, they must already have their passport and be in good health.

    Another essential condition related to personal finance. The candidate must be able to demonstrate his ability to support himself during his full vacation period. At a minimum, the applicant must prove that they have at least $ 2000 available for their accommodation. Besides proof of funds, applicants must also present specific vacation plans and a reserved return ticket.


    What are the expenses involved?

    If you live in the UK, you will need to pay six pounds for a particular visa. The application is free in other countries. So the first real account will be the plane ticket. It will cost around $ 2,700 to $ 3,000, although you might be able to get a cheap bargain for just over $ 1,000 for a plane ticket.

    The cost of living is a bit worrying. You can expect to spend a little over 100,000 yen a month on food, transportation and accommodation. However, if you plan to travel from December to April, you may be able to find a resort site is a tourist attraction such as Nagano. In the winter resorts, food and accommodation are free, so you can expect to save a lot of money in these places.


    A business vacation in Japan is an experience that should be remembered as it allows you to enjoy the many attractions of the country while holding a job. If you qualify as a candidate, you must take the first opportunity to apply to the program.


    I'm Luqman, a travel blogger with a background in publishing. My hobby is exploring new places, and here, I share my discoveries from quaint towns and bustling cities. Each trip inspires my next post, inviting you to join me on this exciting journey.