According to the United Nations Environment Program, a green job or green-collar job is one that helps protect and preserve biodiversity and ecosystems. Green workers reduce materials, water, and energy consumption by increasing resource efficiency. These jobs are minimal pollution and all forms of waste.

    Here are the top five green jobs available in America today.

    1. Farmer

    Do you know the shocking truth about America’s farmers? There are only 2 million inhabitants and the average age is 55 years. This market calls for more local workers and small workers, especially young farmers who know organic production methods and avoid the use of petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. The labor market in the United States accommodates ten million farmers. However, the task is not as easy as it may seem to some. Contemporary farmers must be skilled entrepreneurs, knowledgeable in genetics and marketing.

    2. Energy-efficient generator

    In the US, buildings actually account for 48% of global warming emissions and energy use. We are lagging behind the rest of the world in this matter. Switzerland and Germany, for example, use between 75% and 95% less thermal energy than buildings constructed according to US Environmental Code.

    There is a great opportunity here to obtain one of the best green building certifications today. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has certified more than 43,000 professionals. As American standards become more stringent, the country will need a workforce of modernizers to accompany the millions of engineers and architects.


    3. City planners

    The cornerstone of America’s campaign to reduce carbon emissions. Urban planners will help us reduce car use and encourage bicycle use. They will also boost public transportation, reduce sprawl, and help us plan for a heatwave, landfill, and flood emergencies.

    4. Professional Recycling

    Over 1 million recycling jobs are available in the United States. An astonishing number of people involved in this field continued to grow. This is mainly because recycling is still the cheapest alternative to high disposal fees. Employment in this sector will always be active.

    5. Solar Installer

    There are 770,000 jobs around the world for the installation and manufacture of solar energy systems. The chances of this job remain relatively high and also well paid. In fact, 3,400 companies still use electrical installations today, and some as many as 35,000 workers in the company! This work will certainly enhance the well-being of the environment and economic sectors, and the employment prospects of your skilled workers.

    As we continue to grapple with a recession and our young people are deciding what jobs will be available when they graduate from college, green jobs seem more attractive.