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The Top Ten Famous Cities with Immigrants


With the rapid development of the economy, massive migratory movements are occurring in many countries. Today, I list the ten most famous cities with immigrants.

10. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The immigrant population in Mecca is around 37.75%. Mecca is a sanctuary of Islam as well as the last stop on the way of the lord. Therefore, Mecca has attracted many immigrants. The scale of pilgrimage to Mecca is shocking. Each year, approximately four million pilgrims travel to this city and, according to 1996 statistics, 1.7 million immigrants lived in this city. Mecca recently undertook a large-scale renovation with several skyscrapers rising from the ground. Large-scale construction projects have attracted large numbers of foreign workers.

9. Geneva, Switzerland

The immigrant population in Geneva is 38.37%. Geneva is a small city, but there are more than 200 international institutions here, like several branches of the WHO and the United Nations. Geneva has 500,000 inhabitants. About 38.37% of the population is made up of immigrants, but most of them are well educated and work in international institutions.

8. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is the smallest city among these top ten cities. Statistics from 2001 showed that 40% of the residents came from foreign countries. New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere with a pleasant environment and perfect infrastructure. It is not difficult to understand why there are so many immigrants in this country.

7. The Hague, Holland

The Hague is the site of the International Tribunal and the Hague has 150 seats of international organizations. It is therefore not surprising that The Hague is on the list.

6. Muscat, Amman

Like other countries in the Middle East, Amman mainly uses petroleum resources to attract foreign investment. It grows quickly. Currently, around 60 million foreigners live in Amman, and most of them live in Muscat.

5. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is located west of the Rocky Mountains, which belongs to the maritime climate. According to a 2006 census, almost half of Vancouver residents are immigrants and many residents have already obtained Canadian citizenship.

4. Amsterdam, Holland

Liberalism and leisure attitude are the most important characteristics of Amsterdam. This city has a population of 750,000 and 47.28% of the population are immigrants.

3. Toronto, Canada

Almost half of Toronto’s urban residents were born abroad. In recent years, Canada has taken steps to attract young immigrants to reduce the potential pressure of aging. About 1.2 million foreigners live in Toronto.

2. Miami, United States

A 2000 census showed that 2.2 million people live in Miami and more than 1.1 million residents are immigrants. Most of them come from Spanish-speaking countries such as Nicaragua and Cuba.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The immigrant population in Dubai is 71%. It is ranked as the first city with immigrants. The main immigrants to Dubai come from the Asian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Also, there are many people from Western countries.