Vancouver is one of the major cities in Canada. If that wasn’t enough, it is also considered one of the most beautiful and livable towns on this planet. Pleasant life experience and a beautiful landscape are just one of the few things that constitute a severe offer for someone to want a change.


    Vancouver is one of the most welcoming metropolitan areas in the world. Community spirit is strong in all areas, business or leisure, that may interest you.


    Vancouver has an extensive network of public and private schools; only the first sector provides education to more than 58,000 students throughout the year. Universities like the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design are just a few of the rich educational palette this city has to offer. Secondary. Vancouver is also increasingly popular with international students: international undergraduate enrollments at the University of British Columbia have increased from two to nine percent over the past decade, bringing the total to nearly 3000.


    Vancouver’s job market is here! As a port city, it has become a critical transport and industry hub. It also has significant advantages due to its geographical location, which has created a substantial market for the tourism, accommodation, and catering industry.


    This city is famous for its temperate climate around the world. It’s one of those rare places scattered around the planet where you can windsurf and fish in the morning and end the day skiing at night. The fabulous climate of the Pacific Northwest is a significant selling point in itself.




    Vancouver is one of the most beautiful metropolises in the world. The contrast between the ocean and the mountains, the lush forests, and parks that surround the city add to a visual ensemble that is very hard to beat. This area is also one of the last remaining temperate rainforest ecosystems in North America.


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