The History of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel)

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Living Faith Church is arguably the fastest growing church of recent in Nigeria. Do you want to know about the church, organization and how it began?
You’re not entirely far from answer as we have verbalized here all what you should know about the church.

History of Living Faith Church

About Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel)

Living Faith Church is a international church and a Christian denomination founded by Bishop David Oyedepo in 1981. Its popularly known as Winners Chapel.
The church began full operation on December 11 1983, after it was commissioned by Pastor Enoch Adeboye on September 17, 1983. The church has a network of churches with a good number of congregations in 49 countries and still counting.

Name: Living Faith Church Worldwide
Theology: Neo-charismatic movement
Headquarters: Canaanland, Km. 10, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
Founder: Bishop David Oyedepo Origin 1983 (Ilesha, Nigeria)
Official website:

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How It Started

The etymology and how the church began can be traced back to May 1981 when Oyedepo at age 26 said he had an 18-hour vision from God.
He said in his vision God spoke to him saying, “Now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil, through the preaching of the Word of faith; and I am sending you to undertake this task”.
This was followed by the forming of the church two years later which started with four members. This vision led to the birth of his Liberation Faith hour ministry later that year.

Bishop Oyedepo married Florence Abiola Akano who is now known as Faith Oyedepo in 1982. The bishop and his wife were ordained as pastors by Pastor Enoch Adeboye in 1983 after the official commissioning of their church. The duo did earnestly God’s work which resulted in forming the church ‘Living Faith.’

The Church started in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria but later relocated to Lagos state in July 1989 and due to increasing number of worshippers who trooped in, the had to build a new base for the church.
The new church is located at a large hectares of land known as Canaan land in Ota, Ogun state.


Living Faith Church a total staff strength that stands at over two thousand employees in Nigeria alone.
This organisation is made up of dynamic professionals and has as its Chairman, Dr. David O. Oyedepo (Ph.D). He is also the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church worldwide and the Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle.

They have Senior, District and Local Pastors, adding with the church leaders. In all, the church provides employment opportunities wherever it exists.


The Church has her beliefs which is upon twelve core emphases as follows:

  1. FAITH (1 John 5:4, Eph. 6:16)
  2. THE WORD (John 1:1-12;Heb. 1:3)
  3. SIGNS AND WONDERS (Ps. 82:5-7; John 3:8)
  4. THE HOLY SPIRIT (Acts 1:1-8; Isaiah 10:27)
  5. PROSPERITY (3 John 2; Ps. 35:27; Zech. 1:17)
  6. PRAYER (1 John 5:14)
  7. HEALING (Isaiah 53:3-4; Jer. 8:22; Matt. 8:17)
  8. WISDOM (Prov. 24:3-4, Isaiah 33:6)
  9. SUCCESS (Joshua 1:8-10)
  10. VISION (Prov. 29:18, Jer. 29:11)
  11. CONSECRATION (Hebrews12:14; 2Tim. 2:19)
  12. PRAISE (2 Chro. 20:20-22; Ps. 67:1-7; 149:1-9)


Shiloh is the event hosted by the church every year in December to usher the visitation of God to his people. The mandate for this event is drawn from the Bible books of Joshua 18:1 and 1 Samuel 1:3.

Since inception, Shiloh has been having millions of people from all walks of life in attendance. The event also marks the end of the Church year.

Educational Strides

The Living Faith Church has showed its commitment to education by establishing many quality educational institutions throughout the country and beyond. They’re highlighted below.

  • Covenant University
  • Landmark University
  • Crown University
  • Faith Academy
  • The Word of Faith Bible Institute
  • Adding with over 150 Kingdom Heritage Model Schools

These life-touching projects has been the product of the church’s charity works.

Contact Living Faith Church

Do you have any enquiry about the church?
Write to the International Headquaters:
Km. 10, Idiroko Road, Ota
Ogun State, Nigeria

Send a mail to;;

Or you can call +234 701 062; 9350; +234 703 917 2772.

You can also visit any Winners Chapel Church in your viscinity for assistance, as your request will surely be resolved.

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