A job that pays over $ 300,000 a year: looks pretty good to be true, isn’t it? But professions with this kind of salary are not legend. There may not be many of them, but these high-paying jobs are already in Canada. We toured recruitment sites like Actually, Neuvoo and Glassdoor to offer you a range of Canadian jobs that pay over $300,000 annually.

    Everyone wants a job that pays well enough to cover bills and allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle. It will determine the profession and skill you have today or plan to pursue what you earn.

    No matter if you have a degree or not, you must have the right skills to get what you want. What you earn now is because of the professional decision you made 4 or 5 years ago.


    You should know that some people are already working less now and are earning huge wages. If you haven’t chosen a profession yet, and you want an occupation that pays six numbers for each of them, you should consider some of the jobs listed below and make a decision.

    Some of the top earners in Canada are lawyers and those in the medical field, or that’s what I thought. With some research, there are a lot of jobs in Canada that pay you over $300,000 annually, and some don’t even need a college degree.

    30 Jobs In Canada That Pays Above $300k Annually

    1. Medical Microbiologist: Avg $300,000/year
    2. Radiologist: Avg $360,000/year
    3. Ophthalmologist: Avg $160,000 to $400,000
    4. Paediatrician: Avg $465,000
    5. Obstetrician/Gynecologist: Avg $450,000
    6. Oncologist: Avg $450,000
    7. Professor of Medicine: Avg $300,000
    8. Prime Minister: Avg $345,400
    9. Neurosurgeon: Avg $310,000
    10. Neuropathologist: Avg $410,000
    11. ER Doctor: Avg $490,000
    12. Psychiatrist: Avg $420,000
    13. Plastic Surgeon: Avg $300,000
    14. Instagram Influencer: Avg $520,000
    15. YouTuber: Avg $20 million
    16. Family Physician: Avg $310,000
    17. Anesthesiologist: Avg $300,000
    18. Company CEO: Avg $150,000 to $83 million
    19. Ophthalmologist: Avg $160,000 to $400,000
    20. Paediatrician: Avg $465,000
    21. Gynaecologist: Avg $450,000
    22. Neuropathologist: Avg $410,000
    23. Nursing Assistant: Avg $320,202
    24. Urologist: Avg $450,000 a year
    25. Senior Application Security Engineer: Avg $350,000
    26. Gastroenterologist: Avg $450,000 a year
    27. Chief Planning and Finance Officer (CFO): Avg $310,000 a year
    28. Dermatologist: Avg $450,000
    29. Director of Brand Partnerships: Avg $350,000 a year
    30. Data Scientist: Avg $350,000 a year