Austria’s offer to ordinary tourists is as wide and rich as the country’s art, culture and natural beauty. But for students studying abroad, Austria has a lot more to offer – it’s like the proverbial “ all-inclusive ” from which the young tourist emerges richer and more satisfied. The following destinations in Austria should be on the itinerary of anyone wishing to learn something important from this beautiful country.

    The Museumsquartier Wien

    Imagine a place in the heart of a bustling city that looks like a huge living room and you can imagine and understand what MuseumsQuartier is. Located in the heart of Vienna, this open space is an excellent first destination for anyone studying abroad in Austria. Despite its central urban location, it is undoubtedly an “oasis of peace and relaxation”, where people simply enjoy looking at others amidst high society art museums, beer gardens and restaurants. Considered one of the largest artistic and cultural complexes in the world, the courtyards house the modern museum Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (mumok), the largest museum of contemporary and modern art in central Europe. There is also the Leopold Museum, the place for those who want a memorable encounter with the masterpieces of Egon Schiele, as well as other breathtaking examples of Art Nouveau and classical modernism. After completing the museum tours, relax in one of these outdoor cafes or restaurants to sample the best of Austrian cuisine.


    The Augarten Palace

    The Augarten Palace in Vienna is much more than porcelain; Although the artists have made Augarten porcelain a sought-after brand around the world over the centuries, the place is also synonymous with age-old design and sophistication and a willingness to embrace the latest techniques. Young people studying abroad should not miss an opportunity to visit the Palace of Augarten. A guided tour will provide information on the facts of its 300 years of history and tradition and, perhaps most interestingly, an overview of how these beautiful pieces of porcelain are carefully designed. It also houses the oldest Baroque gardens in Vienna – to be enjoyed with excellent coffee and pastries in the site’s new café and restaurant.

    A culinary journey through Styria

    About an hour south of Graz, in a region recently made famous for its positive transformation over the past two decades, the Southern Styrian Wine Route (Südsteirische Weinstrasse) has become increasingly popular, especially for the things to do with it spoil the demands of connoisseurs of good food and good wine. Stretching from Glanz-Leutschach-Gamlitz-Ehrenhausen to Strass, this 44-mile route offers an incredible dining experience for students studying abroad and is, in fact, comparable to Tuscany in Italy. Along this stretch of several kilometres, some gourmet restaurants and taverns offer not only the tastiest wines but also beautiful panoramic views of the region. For a closer and more intimate encounter with nature, many hiking trails start from the main road, offering opportunities for an off the beaten track experience, with breathtaking views and an essentially idyllic atmosphere hard to forget.