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Study in Harare Zimbabwe; Examine the procedure


Normally, people who travel to Harare and the families belonging to the other cities of Zimbabwe teach their children in Harare because these institutions provide quality education and that is why these people look for their cheap flights to Harare. Some of the major educational institutions are as follows.

At the basic level, students must complete seven years of schooling and six years of secondary education to obtain their certificates. If the student chooses to have an O level, he/she must appear in the following subjects for his / her certificate

Topics currently offered as a combination or study program include science, liberal arts, commercial subjects, languages ​​and practical subjects which are as follows;


Topics offered in this schedule include biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, integrated sciences

Liberal arts:

Topics offered in this schedule include English literature, religious studies, history, geography

Commercial topics:

Subjects offered in this scheme are Commerce, Economics, Computer Studies, Accounts


Topics offered in this schedule are English, French, Shona, Ndebele, German, Latin

Practical topics:

Topics offered in this scheme include Woodwork, Metalwork, Agriculture, Engineering Drawing, Fashion, and Fabrics, Food and Nutrition

Most students pursuing their education in Harare are always looking for flights to Harare Zimbabwe as they return from their homes during vacations. Harare’s educational year is the same as in many other countries, from January to December.

However, the educational front was threatened when most teachers went on strike in the year 2000 due to low wages and on the other hand, students were also unable to focus on their education so most of them were initially back home and many of the educational institutions were closed, However, in 2002 many of the problems were resolved and students booked their flight to Harare Zimbabwe to resume their education. This was made possible by a new government and now, depending on inflation, wages for teachers are also increasing and the government is focusing more on education by increasing the education budget.