Singapore is a land of many and varied opportunities. However, a recently launched 12-month income-generating mentorship program is merely irresistible. Watch it and watch it flourish as it is destined to be Singapore’s most popular show. Let me tell you why.

    Do you know that more and more people have become very wealthy in the field of education and employment? Many government leaders, business leaders, and individuals are seizing these explosive business opportunities. Are you going to miss this opportunity to earn money?

    They have accumulated significant wealth because they saw two significant trends.

    The first big trend concerns significant booming opportunities. The global education market is estimated at $ 2.2 trillion. Singapore is well prepared to take advantage of the growing education market due to its strong academic reputation, excellent infrastructure, a position as a commercial hub, and a cosmopolitan society.

    Everyone knows that the more you study, the more you earn. So, in addition to the students going to school, you can find hundreds of thousands of people between the ages of 20 and 49 who will be interested in furthering their education.

    The number of international students from Asia is staggering. Did you know that in 2005, China exported 118,500 students, India, more than 100,000 students, and Indonesia tens of thousands of students? Singapore is a favorite destination because, for them, Singapore is closer than the US or UK and costs less. Hence, you can find many ordinary people who have become agents who earn a lot of money in the education business.


    A Singapore Straits Times article from February 9, 2009, mentioned that although the economy is in decline, the influx of international students has increased. He cited the example of a 20-year-old Indian student who initially wanted to study in Britain. Still, her parents decided to send her to Singapore to study at a private school for a UK degree at one-third the cost.

    On the same day, newspapers also reported that education is proving to be a recession-proof business. She mentioned that student recruiting officers have noted that Asian parents continue to spend on education despite the recession, even though they have to make other sacrifices.

    The second significant trend concerns the severe problems of unemployment and downsizing. Therefore, people need jobs. So if you give them a job, they will pay you for it.

    Take, for example, nurses from India and China. They can be paid around S $ 200 per month. So some of them may decide to come to Singapore, where a nurse can be paid, for example, around S $ 2,000 per month. So if you can help them by finding them a job and training them, you can earn a good income.

    Therefore, if you can identify the two trends above, you can also make money. Harriet is an accredited private business school and registered employment agency in Singapore. It has 73 education and employment products, but it does not have enough certified education consultants to help them.

    Therefore, you might consider becoming a Certified Education Consultant and Certified Business Trainer with Harriet. You can earn a good monthly income if you follow (copy) their proven methods and learn the trade secrets. Anyone can make a good income month after month by keeping their job.

    The program is not meant to help you become a millionaire, but it can help you earn a good income. It comes with training and certification sessions, offers 12 months of mentoring, and you will get a certified trainer to walk you step by step.

    You will produce a 12-month income plan and enjoy the global income. Take, for example, if you were to check, you would find that Harriet is the only school with a two-year part-time degree course in the Kingdom – United with direct distinction. The few other schools recognized by the Singapore Board of Nursing offer degrees from Australian universities and are regular degrees, not honors degrees. The National University of Singapore has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is a four-year full-time course. Therefore, many foreign nurses want to work and study in Singapore at Harriet Business School.

    Although there are 73 programs, I would like to list eight of the most requested programs here.

    They are:

    1. Singapore Work Program (medical)
    2. Singapore Work Program (registered nurse)
    3. Work in Hospitality, Tourism and Business Management Program in Singapore
    4. MBA (academic)
    5. Bachelor (Hons) in Business Administration and E-Commerce
    6. Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Nursing from the University of Sunderland
    7. Top management apprentice (work and study in Singapore)

    Work and Study in Singapore – Nursing

    This is a compelling income training program that helps you get what you want! There is little to no risk as there is a 100% money-back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

    You don’t need to quit your job. You do not need previous professional experience. You can work from home or anywhere and anytime.

    What do you need to be successful? It would be best if you had passion and patience with people. You have to be prepared to work hard. You have to be trainable. Finally, it would be best if you had a positive mindset.


    I repeat this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Harriet looks for hardworking people who can contribute to Harriet’s prestige. Therefore, all applicants for the Certified Educational Consultant and Certified Business Coach programs must be interviewed. Successful applicants will be thankful that with Harriet as your partner and explosive demand from the global education market, you are almost sure to earn an excellent annual income.


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