Many ex-pats assigned to Qatar or retirees who wish to live in Qatar after retirement ask what is the cost of living in Qatar. Is life in Qatar too expensive? Or is it the same as in other countries in North America or Europe?

    The cost of living in Qatar for you and your family will largely depend on the lifestyle you are used to. Especially in Doha, the cost of living index is relatively high, and it ranks 49th out of 300 companies in terms of the cost of living. Let’s take a look at the expense of necessities in Qatar so that you can assess whether living in Qatar is expensive or not.

    1. Accommodation

    Expats in Qatar often rent apartments, villas, or apartments. Most apartments are unfurnished, but furnished are also available. In most rentals, amenities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and playgrounds are readily available, and their use is charged as part of the unit rental payment every month.

    A furnished studio or one-bedroom unit costs about QAR 5,000 to rent, which equates to roughly $ 1,370. However, if you are renting a four-bedroom villa, it can cost up to QAR 20,000 if you are in an ex-pat resort.

    2. Grocery store

    The cost of food, soft drinks, and other household items needed to make daily life possible is comparatively expensive compared to other countries. This is especially true if you also want to buy internationally renowned food brands.


    For a family of two, allow about QAR 1,800 or about $ 490 for this expense.

    3. Utilities

    The advantage of Qatar is that essential services like water, electricity, gas, and the government subsidizes telephone lines. Hence, this particular expense will be much cheaper compared to other countries. However, living in Qatar, given the high temperatures, will lead you to use your air conditioning system, especially during the summer months.

    For a family of two, all utilities will cost around QAR 1,100, or around the US $ 300. This low price offsets the cost of living in Qatar a little less.

    4. Clothing

    Even though clothes are a bit expensive in Qatar, the living conditions in Qatar will not require you to put on too many clothes, given the high temperature in the country.

    For a family of two, clothing for both will cost around QAR 1,100, or around the US $ 300.

    5. Health care

    If you are an ex-pat, this particular item will not be a problem for you, as your employer should cover it for you and your spouse. However, if this is not covered every month, you will need to use your health insurance provider.

    For a family of two, health care coverage for both people will cost around QAR 1,300, or around $ 360 per month. It is a must-have item for you and your family.


    In general, the cost of living in Qatar is not that different in most progressive countries.


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