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Planning Holiday for 2020? Best Travel Destinations You Can Explore



Regardless of the music, whether you plan to ski on Streif or hike in Tyrol, Austria is outdoors all year round. From paragliding to mountain biking or white water tours, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the perfect photo landscape. Make the most of your trip by working with a local expert in Austria.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Located about 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands offer an impressive array of landscapes and wildlife. It’s the kind of place were sharing a seat with a seal is a daily affair, while huge iguanas roam freely in the city. Today you can meet giant turtles on the islands rolling over grassy plains. You can see strange breasts with a blue foot dancing the unusual mating. On the beaches, you will find all kinds of coloured creatures, from snakes to grasshoppers. In the ocean, you may discover moody sharks or comical bats with red lips.


With European beach destinations gone, Montenegro remains a somewhat undiscovered treat. The 293 km coast, with 72 km of beaches, has been exposed to the sun for up to six months of the year, while the warm Adriatic waters entice you to swim. There are cool coastal towns like Kotor, and the chic beach towns are abundant. Moreover, proof that this country has become a favourite destination for the cold public: the chic One & Only Resorts group opens its newest hotel in Portonove.


If there is a role model for sustainability in the world, it is probably Bhutan. It is not only carbon neutral, but also carbon negative. More than 60% of forests are protected for future generations and are built on the underlying philosophy of low-impact tourism and rude national happiness. In addition, it is on track to become the world’s first fully-fledged member state by 2020.

Luzon, the Philippines

In North Luzon, you will find mountains, volcanoes and beautiful cities such as Vigan. It is full of impressive architecture from many countries that ruled here before the Philippines became independent. Don’t miss a visit to the Banawe Rice Terraces as a local guide can guide you through the marvellous irrigation system that has been named “Stairway to Heaven” for its beauty.


Ethiopia is unique. The only country that maintained its independence during Africa’s 19th-century rush, its culture and traditions remained virtually intact. Moreover, it predates the beginning of human existence. The ancient structures, the fiery cuisine, the Amharic and the high altitude wildlife are nowhere to be found in the world. Despite this, Ethiopia receives a small proportion of visitors compared to neighbouring Kenya and Uganda.


The island crosses approximately 1,350 miles from Levadas – the freshwater irrigation canals built in the hills, along hiking trails. Some Levatas date from the 16th century, while others were built in the late 1940s. The idea came from the Moroccans who ruled Spain and Portugal. What all have in common is the beauty of the landscapes and the exclusive access to areas of Madeira inaccessible to cars. Take a walk along the green terraces with a view of the fruit farms or take a step in the clouds from Pico de Arero to Pico Roivo.

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

With 3,900 square kilometres of wilderness, Murchison is rich in lions, elephants, hippos and pigs. It is a very charming safari destination. There are boat trips on the Nile, excellent birdwatching opportunities (the stork’s cleat is the highlight) and of course the beautiful triple waterfall is lifted. The park is also at the forefront of some of the best conservation efforts in Uganda. Thanks to the number of healthy giraffes, relocation programs help to resettle other parts of the country. During your visit, you support this initiative to save endangered species.

Northern Sri Lanka

Visit Jaffna to roam the colonial suburbs and pass through the walls of its 17th-century Dutch fortress, or visit Mannar to find wildflowers and ancient baobabs. You’ll find tigers in Welpato National Park and some of the best snorkelling around Pigeon Island. Then there are the small islands off the Jaffna peninsula, strikingly beautiful and dotted with temples, forts and pristine beaches. The railroads eventually reconnected Jaffna and Mannar Island, and it was no more comfortable to visit.