If you are New Zealand and have lived here most of your life, at some point you will feel the urge to travel.

    Our location in the southwest corner of the Pacific Ocean is approximately 12,000,000 miles from the land of our ancestors, most of whom came from Ireland and England.

    Until about 30 years ago, getting to these “remote” areas was a big problem. A long, arduous journey that required a lot of planning and was an expensive exercise.

    But being a race of adventurous people, we wanted to see the world! We were mesmerized by places we knew just from buying property on the Monopoly Board, places like Park Lane, Bond Street, and Piccadilly Circus, to name a few.

    Experience abroad (OE)

    So New Zealanders packed their bags and looked further to see where their ancestors came from and paved a well-worn path to the UK and the US. Once we made the trip we tended to stay apart for at least two years and this adventure became known as “our OE” (overseas experience), and we all loved it.


    After two years most of us returned home to be close to family and friends again and start our own family in our home country, some continued with careers in the UK, some married Brits and stayed and had families and others made the mistake of traveling. And I never came home

    Of course, today is another story, and since we are well and truly connected via the World Wide Web, traveling is fast, easy, and convenient. A large number of flights available in one day made traveling very easy and people don’t mind flying to the UK for a business meeting and coming back the next day!

    Looking for a job in New Zealand

    Coming back to New Zealand after several years of absence has many advantages, but also presents its challenges. We may have lost touch with friends and colleagues and need to re-establish ourselves once again in our homeland, get used to a different way of life, and, most importantly, find a job.

    How to find a job

    If we have kept in touch with a network of friends and colleagues, it will be easier to get referrals and make connections. Otherwise, you will have to start from scratch, and finding a job can be a long and difficult process. It can take 1 to 3 months and sometimes more!

    You should have your CV updated to reflect all of your skills, experience, and qualifications; that’s the number one priority. You will want to visit the various recruiting sites on the internet to familiarize yourself with the current job market and salary scales, build relationships with consultants in the recruiting industry, attend interviews, and make decisions.

    Free job search services available

    Fortunately, there are many free services available to New Zealanders returning home in search of work, making it easy for them to relocate and find the job they want quickly. New Zealand employers recognize the exposure of returning New Zealanders to international business and highly value the attributes they bring to the local business sector.

    New Kiwis is a Chamber of Commerce initiative designed to harness the wealth of talent returning to New Zealand and seeking employment.


    You will be happy to know that many New Zealand companies are enjoying the benefits of overseas experience within their organizations.


    I'm Luqman, a travel blogger with a background in publishing. My hobby is exploring new places, and here, I share my discoveries from quaint towns and bustling cities. Each trip inspires my next post, inviting you to join me on this exciting journey.