Many people strive to win a job in executive management. When a person occupies a managerial position that is considered “administrative”, it is usually at the top of the management network. These jobs are found in many large companies and commercial establishments. CEO is usually called by other names. These names can include:

    1. Chief Executive

    2. Operations Manager

    3. Vice President

    4. General Manager


    5. Financial manager

    In this article, we will explore the many career opportunities in executive management, as well as the educational and salary requirements for those positions.


    To be eligible for a job in management, you must have a college degree. This special education degree is usually business administration. This type of educational degree will allow you to understand in detail all the main components of the business. This tutorial will teach you about working from every angle.

    You will understand the accounting, financial situation and various aspects of the company, the human resources department, business production, the information system and its role in the organization of the business, as well as different types of information about the company. company marketing. If you are engaged in a career in executive management, this academic training is a must. This is because, as a general manager or CEO, you need to fully understand your business. If you are not familiar with these components of your job, you will not succeed in your career.

    If you are interested in executive management, here are the following detailed examples of courses you may need to attend:

    1. Financial Accounting

    2. IT

    3. College of Algebra

    4. Configuration in English

    5. Principles of Management

    6. Managerial Accounting

    7. Configuration in English

    8. Software productivity tools

    9. Oral communication

    10. Public Speaking

    11. General Psychology

    12. Technical and commercial writing

    13. Entrepreneurship

    14. E-commerce

    15. Human Resource Management

    16. Microeconomics

    17. Various business electives

    If you want to get into the field of executive management, you have to understand many concepts. Examples of these concepts include employee motivation, communication, leadership, problem-solving, conflict resolution, team building, and more similar topics. As a CEO, you need to make sure that you understand how to control the processes that occur in your business. You must also learn to set strategic and tactical goals.


    Executives are paid based on the size of the organization in which they work and the type of industry they are responsible for. Most companies in the United States are now considered “small companies” or “private enterprises.” Individuals who hold executive positions in these types of companies usually earn lower salaries than individuals who hold the same roles in large companies and companies.

    Usually, the CEO’s salary is salary. The allowance can be paid weekly, biweekly or monthly. When you break down wages into hourly wages, most people with this ability earn about $18.00 per hour and above. This is a common wage rate for people working for small businesses or private companies. For those who work for companies and large companies, the standard average hourly wage is about $21.00 or more per hour.

    Many people who work in executive management usually receive regular salary increases and bonuses about the overall productivity of the businesses they operate. This may or may not be a standard procedure. However, in the sales and call center business, many executives receive bonuses based on sales volume, the number of customers resolved, and call processing time. These bonuses and salary increases can range from as low as hundreds to as high as thousands.

    Industry example

    There are many industries that use CEO services. Some examples of this include:

    1. Software Company

    2. Call Center

    3. Hardware company

    4. Telephone Company

    5. Mobile Phone Service

    6. Furniture sales

    Seven, financial institutions

    If you are interested in getting a job in executive management in the United States or Canada, you may consider looking at the following companies:

    1. People’s Republic of China-United States

    2. Microsoft-United States

    3. HSBS Bank-Canada

    4. Canquest Communications, Inc.-Canada

    5. Service Quality Management Team-Canada


    6. Sykes Projects-United States

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