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Madrid City Guide – A Quick Overview of Madrid’s Attraction


The bustling city of Madrid, the capital of Spain, is one of the main European cities known for more than a few attractions. The city in the center of the Iberian Peninsula is full of people, not only for its grueling nightlife but also for its delicious cuisine and breathtaking architecture in museums, monuments, parks, and happy festivals.

The background

Madrid is an old city. Its origins date back to 1085 when King Alfonso VI reigned there. The throne was transferred to Felipe II in 1561 and things were not the same until after. Wars followed by inflation and exhaustion of the city’s wealth and the stability of a multitude of immigrants. The development came in the 18th and 19th centuries when many beautiful buildings were constructed with exotic and magnificent art and architecture.

City magic

Once in Madrid, there are many places to visit. For nature lovers, the Glorieta de Murillo botanical garden is an ideal destination with around 30,000 species of plants. These exclusive species distributed in different parts of the world were collected in one place by the botanist Gomez Ortega and Juan de Villanueva of King Charles III.

Located on the ground floor of Madrid’s main square, the Plaza Mayor, the Casa de la Banaderia twin towers should not be missed by tourists. Plaza Square is flooded with people at festivals and markets. The statue of Philippe III adds a feather to the charm of the place.

Music and theater can be enjoyed in one of the oldest cities in the Moroccan quarter of Madrid. Your next stop in Madrid could be towards the Parque del Buen Retiro. The gardens house two buildings mainly used for art galleries and an artificial lake that gives you the pleasure of boating. Classical concerts with music and dance performances can be enjoyed in the Auditoria Nacional de Musica, the Teatro Madrid, the Teatro Lirico Nacional de la Zarzuela, and the Teatro Albeniz, respectively.

Madrid is known for its great nightlife that gives you a boost and thrills you. Some of the sparkling nightclubs on Calle Huertas include Capital (7-story club) and The Malasana. In addition, there is a huge activity at the Paza de Chueca club, Alonso Martinez etc. The disco and club are not intended for couples or bachelor parties but also for families.

Madrid festivals attract people from all over the world. There, the Fiestas de San Isidro is one of the biggest festivals of the year. From May 15, visitors will be surprised by excellent dances, concerts and other performances. Good food remains a magnet during the festival.

Festivals like the Feria de la Comunidad in May, the Feria de Otono in September, the Feria turnia, etc. presented the precious game of fighting bulls.

To the glory of Madrid is added the great Verbena de la Paloma festival from August 6 to 15. The festival reflects the traditions and culture of Madrid when people wear their traditional clothes and show their customs. The charming decoration and the live performances of the groups allow you to feel all kinds of music that you hear all over the world. Last but not least, the strange New Year celebrations in Madrid and the famous Circulo de Bellas Artes ball left a great impression on every visitor.

Besides fun and adventure, Madrid specializes in serving all kinds of dishes. Anyone from any corner of the world can easily satisfy their hunger in Madrid. There are several French, German, Swedish, Chinese, and Italian dishes …

Madrid can accommodate anyone, whether luxury or budget. From restaurants to accommodations, they are all designed to meet high and low needs. However, it is wise and preferable to book one of the largest European cities with visitors all year round.