How to Start DJ Service Business in Nigeria and Make Money

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The entertainment industry in Nigeria is one ever-growing sector that reaches out to all regardless of their background and there are opportunities for youths in this business which are profitable.

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If you love a kind of music and have a passion for sounds mix or beats, this is the business for you. You can start providing disc jockey services and get paid for it, as simple as that.

There are people who are already doing this just as a hobby without any idea that they can make money off this skill set and turn it into a business which is lucrative.

This is a business that involves mixing different music or sounds, pleasing to the listeners and for their entertainment at their event. You can mix up songs from a  different artist with use of turntable which produces awesome sounds and burns the mix into a compact disc and put them out for sale. Therefore people can play them in their homes, cars, stores or supermarket and so on and forth

If you have a  passion for music, you can start this business and this also goes for individuals who love to attend ceremonial activities and network with them.

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This business can be done part-time with a very flexible schedule which is the amazing thing about this business. Therefore you can have a full-time job and by the side work out your disc jockey business, playing during the weekends at events. This is a business that enables you to plan your time of work to suit your circumstances.

Students can also be involved in this business especially those who want to earn little income while they stay in school till they graduate. They could raise enough funds from this business to develop further in the business

If the business is planned properly, it can develop into a successful one which will be very profitable.


People love listening to music be it on their mobile phone, at their events, and in their cars. People can go the extra mile to call a person who is willing to play great music to make their show or events a thrilling one.

The live band could play and sing the songs of other musicians, however, some people will like to listen to the sounds of their favorite musicians and since it is not possible to get the artiste to their event. The services of a disc jockey come into play as he scratches favorite songs from their favorite musicians.


DJ services are needed to produce a means of fun and entertainment coupled with relaxation. Which is why the services of a DJ is needed on various occasions and ceremonial activities such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, burials, meetings, seminars, workshops and many more.

It is a belief that any event without a DJ dishing out good music is an incomplete event and makes the demand for the services of a DJ to have reason over the years.

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An experienced DJ is versatile and has knowledge of all kinds of music and with great exposure, makes doing business easy for all kinds of events such as children party, business symposium, conferences etc.

You can play soul, rap, rock, Hip Hop classical and a lot more local music too.



Having love for music and passion for sounds is not enough to make you a successful DJ. You need to gain knowledge and have experience of its operations in order to succeed.

In acquiring knowledge, you’ll need to learn the types of equipment you need to use, where you can get, where you can use them and how to use them. You need to understand the type of songs that goes on air at certain events and how to get the proper mix to produce great sounds.

To gather this knowledge, you need a mentor or someone who has been in the business for a long time, someone you can learn from can understudy.


What is the equipment you need as a mobile DJ?

Djs have lots of options in terms of selecting equipment and all these comes down to the taste of the DJ.

Most common set up is that of work with a laptop. The DJ moves with the laptop and when it’s time, selects the songs he wants to play and uses the wheels to spin the songs.

Some DJ may already have the songs on their iPods then just come over to the mixing dock and the events buzzing with unique sounds

Basically, you need a laptop, turntables to play music from and also a mixer with the very good speaker to produce quality sounds.

With the advancement in today’s technology, your setup can be easy and simple.


In this business you need to know your music very well, that is apart from knowing which equipment to use,  you have to decipher the genre of song that fits a particular event.

Example there are certain songs you will be expected to play at a wedding ceremony which will not be needed at a birthday party.

This is an exciting business for individuals who like music and entertainment a lot. However, carry out a feasibility study to determine the gadgets you’ll need.


You can begin from your house for a start since you will be going out for events and parties. Ensure that your equipment is neatly kept safe in your house.


As your business begins to grow and you finally have the capacity to expand, you can hire an assistant or a manager who will help in taking bookings, answering clients calls and listing.

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This can easily be done right now with the level at which the use of social media has increased. The business promotion has been made very easy, rather than the distribution of flyers, you can promote online and you can have access to your potential customers.


Get your business registered and make sure you meet the necessary criteria required by the government.

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