How to Start Biscuits Enterprise in Nigeria 

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In Nigeria and many other parts of the world, biscuits certainly are some of the most frequently consumed made of baked wheat. Getting to know to start acommercial biscuit enterprise is one of the best things that can happen to you today. This is due to the fact that biscuits which naturally are not difficult to digest, quite nutritious and are compact in size are also easy to produce and market.

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As a big plus, biscuits havealways been a favorite amongst the young, the young-at-heart and the old as well. Also, biscuits last for longer periods. They are easily moved from one place to the other and like I earlier mentioned, they are not expensive to produce. Last but not least, biscuitsareless expensive to transport or move over long distances because they are not heavy. These and many more dictate why many go into biscuit business in Nigeria.

Based on this background information, therefore, this articlewill serve as your guide and show you the steps to start acommercial biscuit enterprisehere in Nigeria.

Evaluation Of Biscuit Business In The Nigerian Market

In recent times, it has been showed that approximately sixteen biscuit manufacturers are operating and functioning in the Nigeria with an estimate of biscuit consumption shareput at over 450,000 metric tons every year.

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Prevailing market indices and common sense shows that biscuit business will continue to bring in large income to the economy and to the business owner. This is because it is being patronized by everyone in the country. For example, it is not a new development that most of our primary and secondary school children and studentslove biscuit.School time is, for sure, biscuit time! Biscuits are cheap and can be soldor bought for as little as N10. As such, it is a product for and affordable by almost everyone.

To succeed and make huge gains in biscuit business in Nigeria, you must produce sweet and delicious biscuits.Secondly, you must have a plan to be able to sell your biscuits effectively plus plans to make the business a long-lasting one.You must also be ready to deliver on time because the market is too competitive.


  1. Register And Get Certified

The first thing to do is to get the approval of the required government agencies before start the venture. These agenciesare SON, NHIS, NAFDAC and the Ministry of health and Corporate Affairs Commission OF Nigeria (CAC). You must secure their approvals and licenses beforeyou can establish your business factory in Nigeria.

  1. Have Enough Startup Capital.

When trough with the above, source for and gather sufficient startup capital for effective operation of this business. Since you are starting a factory and one for business for that matter, you may need up to N100,000,000 to setup a quality (standard) biscuit factory in Nigeria. This should cover cost of machines and equipment, implements, tools, power, lighting, land, and other basic fixed and recurrent costs.

  1. Choose Your Place Of Operation

The location of your biscuit business is key and very important. For a factory of this nature, you need a serene environment with good road network, good water supply and good supply of electricity. Where these are not available, especially the water and power supply, you could supplement by sinking borehole and getting a power plant to power your factory.

  1. Know The Recent Market Price

It should beunderstood the recent and modern-day and forecast wholesale pricing from nearby biscuit wholesalers.

  1. Develop A Strategic Business Proposal or Business Plan.

It is important to put down a very good business plan or proposal. That is very important to excel in this business. It will determine the expenses, profits, losses, and other relevant information on time-to-time basis.

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  1. Employ Credible And Efficient Personnel.

If you are planning on operating a massive biscuit manufacturing company then it is important that you employ capable and efficient people to help you achieve your business goals. These should be people with integrity who have the wealth and experience in the business. They must as well possess appropriate communication and marketing skills.

  1. Decide On The Accurate Pricing

Having achieved most of these, it is necessary to take into account and frequently evaluate the pricing of your product. Of course, it should not be too expensive but must have the interest of the customers, your business partners, and end users at heart.

  1. Marketing Your Business

To be able to make massive sales, you should promote your business. You could either decide to distribute fliers, handbills etc. or market your business on the local and national tabloids and newspaper.

As an alternative, you could use one-on-one approach. Whichever approach rocks. But it will be in your own interest to engage in online advertising strategies. Since we are in the days of online advertising and sales, make is a priority to make good use of the internet and social media for your advertisements. When done well, this is by far the cheapest and most effective form of marketing today. Of course, you have to promote and sell your biscuit in shops and stores. This too is part of marketing. The bottom line is, plan out an effective and killer sales approach right from the start.

Deciding Your Biscuit Plant Capability: Estimates

For instance let us say that you wish to make Chocolate Biscuit, Crispy Biscuit and Cracker Biscuit. Your biscuit plant would be required to have the capability to manufacture approximately 200kg of Biscuit per hour. That means it will produce about 4800kg of biscuit every day.

This gives approximately 63% of a production capability which goes for a single shift of eight hours each day (i.e., 4 shifts of 24 hours a day). Yearly, that offers 280 days in a year.

This estimate will then improve every year by10% till the installed biscuit plant attains stability.That might eventually take up to five years. However, these are simply estimates. Given sufficient capital at your disposal, you could begin and run your manufacturing facility within a few months and attain stability real quick.

A typical biscuit plant should have approximately 14 factory staff inclusive of professionalsand averagely skilled workers. You also need 9 administrative staffs, totaling about 23 persons in all.

Some of The Basic Biscuit Equipment You’ll Need:

  1. Packaging machine
  2. Sandwich device
  3. Layout Turning gadget
  4. Cooling conveyor
  5. Oil Spray gadget
  6. Tunnel gasoline Oven
  7. Rotary forming device (for soft biscuit)
  8. Rotary forming machine (for biscuits that are hard)
  9. Flour mixer system

In conclusion

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It is possible thatyou have all the machinery, raw materials, additives and skilled manpower, and still not make it in biscuit business if you relegate marketing to the background. That is why I’m reiterating this important point. You must have an effective marketing strategy of you must make it in this business. Else, risk impending loses.

Also, you then need to get mentorship from veterans in this field to know what to do and what you ought not to do. The right advice from people who are already skilled in this line and who have been there before you can go a long way in making your business to blossom within a very short time.

You cannot be successful or perhaps make as much success as you should in this line as a full amateur in biscuit production. So, you should initially understand how everythingworks here including production, marketing, and general management. That does not mean you have to always be a professional. What it means is that you should have an idea of everything, at least the basic knowledge.

Always try to know client remarkson your products. It is very essential. They are the ones who will inform you where youneed to enhance upon your quality or whether what you are offering presently is ok and should stay at that. Your “clients” here includes your wholesalers, distributors and the end users – the man, woman, boy and girl on the street who you’re your biscuit.

Never stop learning and improving. Continue to master the business, keep expanding it, keep the revenue stream flowing and finally, never stop recouping and reinvesting in the business if you must stand the test of time.

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