How to Brevent Breast Cancer Naturally

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5 ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer in London.

one in eight women will develop the disease in her lifetime. There’s no way to completely prevented but these five tips may help reduce your risk.


Number one get moving. Studies show that women who exercise just two and a half hours each week cut their risk by as much as 30%. a brisk 30 minute walk. five days a week is a good start


number to maintain a healthy weight. If your BMI is more than 25, especially after magnifies your breath. Losing just five to 10% of excess weight improves your health. Number three. eat a healthy diet. Try for five or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day along with whole grains and fiber. Limit your intake of red meat

number four limit how much

Alcohol you drink. Women who have just three alcoholic drinks per week. Have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer and don’t smoke. Or if you do, make a plan to quit.

Number five, get your mammogram. While a mammogram can’t prevent breast cancer. It can catch it early when it’s most curable. Start screening at age 40 or talk to your doctor about a time that’s right for you.


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