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Explore A Tourist’s Delight Guide for Travelers in Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw is the main city and capital of Poland. Located on the banks of the Vistula, Warsaw covers 172 square miles. After the city was destroyed by World War II invasions, the city had to be rebuilt from scratch. Warsaw is, therefore, a unique blend of modern and ancient architectural styles. With its charm of yesteryear and its warm atmosphere, Warsaw is an essential meeting point for tourists to Poland. With a sumptuous culture and a glorious history behind it, Warsaw is sure to offer tourists a myriad of hot spots to visit and explore. Here is an overview of the top five places to see in Warsaw.

Lazienki Królewskie Park-Palace Complex

It is one of the must-see places in Warsaw for any age or type of tourist. The cum palace park is one of the most beautiful of its kind on the European continent. Dating back to the 17th century, this Lazienki monument is one of the best maintained landscaped gardens of its time. With great examples of architecture, the palace complex was built for the last royal sovereign of Poland, King Stanislaw Poniatowski. Guided tours are available. The guides know the history of the place well. The tourists feel indeed transported at the time of the famous dinners of the Thursday monarch.

Wilanow Park Palace Complex

Yet another architectural treasure of Warsaw, this building is an excellent example of European Baroque representation and is also a tribute to the earlier prestige of the republic. Built as the residence of King Sobieski and later aristocratic clans, the Wilanow Place complex has a beautiful Italian garden and an English-style park. The famous poster museum is located in the complex itself. Tourists can have the chance to attend a concert on the lawns of this palace.

Palace of Culture and Science

A forty-storey monument, synonymous with Polish history and culture, dates back to 1955. The construction conforms to the style of socialist and realistic architecture since the palace was a Soviet gift to Warsaw. Get a bird’s eye view of Warsaw from the top floor. To this day, the palace remains the tallest building in the whole country. It also has a conference centre, exhibition halls and theatres. It undoubtedly receives masses of tourists in all seasons.

Castle Square

This is another famous Polish monument that must have been read in history textbooks. Castle Square is a hub for tourists. Catch the locals engaged in fiery activities in the square. Enjoy local shopping and good Polish cuisine at the many stalls along the sides of the castle square. The monument dates from 1644 and was built in honour of King Zygmunt III by his son, King Wladyslaw IV. Go up to the monument’s terrace and look at the beautiful East-West road. A rare experience!

The presidential palace

Dating from the middle of the 17th century, the palace is a symbol of Poland itself. From the Warsaw Pact of 1955 to negotiations on the emergence of Poland as a democratic regime, the presidential palace has been a silent witness to history. The palace is well maintained and as the seat of the President, it is of utmost importance. At the entrance to Palace Square is a statue of Poniatowski with four lions. The palace is an architectural marvel in the truest sense of the word. Visitors would be foolish to miss this place on the first visit to Warsaw.