If you are an engineer, Australia is where you might want to consider for your next career change. The Australian government and industry employers run programs to attract people with engineering qualifications, either seasoned professionals or recent graduates.

    Engineers’ salaries are 60% above the global average.

    A recent report from the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) showed that the salaries of Australian engineers are among the highest in the world, 60% more than the global average. While the lucrative rewards program is always a big plus, Australia is also known for its exceptional commitment to safe work environments.

    Australian universities are struggling to meet the demand for engineering and geological skills created by the burgeoning resource sector. Currently, there are 98 major projects in the final stages of development in the mining, oil, gas and energy sectors. This activity places enormous pressure on the existing engineering workforce.

    Skilled shortage -Fueled by New projects.

    Almost all engineering majors are required, from senior mining and civil construction engineering engineers to marine engineer and pipe designer jobs. Given the continuing demand for Australian natural resources from new economies such as China, major infrastructure projects are underway in rail, port and public transport projects to help produce more products.

    Greenfields mining projects are under construction, as are LNG and other energy projects across the country. Western Australia and Queensland suffer from a severe shortage of engineering skills and are considering temporary immigration to fill the gaps. Engineers all over the world enjoy working on these new projects, some of which only happen once in their careers.


    Graduate engineers are also in demand.

    But Australia is also looking to hire young engineers with the hope of migrating permanently to the “lucky country.” The Department of Immigration and Citizenship recently opened the doors more comprehensive than ever for engineering graduates with a review of 476 visa requirements.

    Any university graduate with an engineering degree is encouraged to explore the 476. Visa. It is designed to bring engineering graduates under the age of 31 to live and work in Australia for up to 18 months. Once in Australia, visa holders are advised to convert their visas into a permanent residence visa that allows them to say so indefinitely. Graduate engineering jobs in Australia present many challenges and career opportunities not available in other countries.


    If you are a qualified engineer – with or without experience – the Australian resource industry is interested in your skills. Immigrants make up more than 50% of the engineering workforce today, so Australia offers a truly multicultural work environment. With exciting projects, highly livable cities, exceptional wages and exceptional weather, Australia is a great career destination no matter what you are looking for on your next assignment.


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