Foreigners residing in the Dominican Republic must have all the legal documents up to date, in particular their residence and identity cards (Dominican DNI). Upon expiration of the residence permit and card, foreigners are required to initiate a renewal process at the General Directorate of Migration and the Central Election Commission if they plan to continue to reside in the country, to maintain their legal status and be able to carry out your daily activities. It is quite advantageous for foreigners to renew their immigration permit on time, as these documents are necessary for buying a vehicle, applying for a loan, renting an apartment, traveling abroad, for a job interview, when you are in a car accident, in police custody, or in any other situation that would be very difficult or almost impossible to resolve without a valid ID or immigration permit.

    By initiating the renewal procedure on time, we not only avoid the situations mentioned above but also avoid having to pay additional fees that increase for each extra month from the expiration date.

    So what is the procedure for renewing these permits? Below we describe the steps; first, on the renewal of the residency, and second, we will detail the process of obtaining a new cédula or cédula dominicaine.

    For resident investors

    As mentioned above, the entity responsible for processing residence renewal applications is the General Department of Immigration. Depending on the type of residence of the foreigner, a different procedure must be followed. For example, for the first renewal of investment residency, foreigners must report to the Investment Division of the General Migration Department with their original residence card, identity card, and passport as well as the forms issued by it. this sealed with the stamp of the sponsoring company. , letter of employment proving that the foreigner works in the said company, among other documents. The new residence card will be issued on the same day of payment of the corresponding fees. It is important to note that the taxes payable for this type of residence are higher than other renewal procedures, but the process is faster. After the first renewal, fewer documents will be needed for future renewals.

    For Spanish citizens

    Spanish citizens who renew their residency have a separate division that only processes Spanish applications so that renewal applications are processed faster. Spanish citizens only need to fill out a renewal form, pay the corresponding taxes, and return the expired residence. The Spanish department will take care of obtaining the new residence permit which will be issued the same day.


    People who belong to religious organizations are granted partial exemption from obtaining and renewing their immigration permits.

    For permanent residents

    The process of renewing permanent residence is longer than for the other types of places mentioned above. However, they offer a VIP service to restore your home in one day. The same documents required for renewal of investment residence must be submitted for renewal of permanent residence.

    Of course, everything will depend on the urgency of the foreigner to receive his new card. If you want to travel abroad, it is recommended to request the VIP service where the residence is renewed in one day. If there is no emergency at the reception of the new home, the usual procedure is to request an appointment to take the original photo, modify any data if necessary and recover the new residence card.

    For the three scenarios described above, the renewed residency will be valid for two years. If the resident has resided in the country for more than ten years, he can request that the residence permit be valid for 4, 8, or 10 years.

    For the Cedula

    To renew the identity card, the foreigner must have a renewed residence card. This process is simple and quick enough to receive a new ID within hours, but it does require the applicant to be present. At this time, the foreigner can modify all personal data such as an address, telephone number, or marital status.


    However, while both procedures seem relatively straightforward and can be done within a day if needed, it is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer before starting these procedures as they help streamline the process.


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