Davido “OBO” Full Biography & Net Worth

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 Davido Full Biography & Net Worth

Davido Full Biography & Net Worth ….Davido “OBO” 2019 Full Biography & Net Worth | Achievements, Cars, Houses And Awards. Best Review”




Davido has been one to set a score and for his fellow Nigeria using his Music as a tools to reach out to people to extent that even when the lyrics are not sound, the feeling of listening to Davido’s song alone

Over the Year as a singer is known by his name Daivdo has explored and dug deep into the hearts of so many nigeria and foreigners, so many people have wondered and ask question about how he rose to fame and how he start.

One of the richest Nigerian artist Davido obviously enjoys his life. The singer is now living in in Lekki, Lagos and seems to have everything he needs: three-story house, plenty of cars and a staff that sees to his needs With shiny-gold chain hanging around his neck, Davido greets his guests and talks about his story of success with journalists. How did Davido manage to become such a big star? Let’s find out more about Davido biography, path to success, wildest stories, and his future plans or dreams. (2019 Davido Full Biography & Net Worth)


>>Artiste  Name: daivid Adeleke

>>Davido Net Worth 2018: $ 20 Million

>>Date Of Birth: November 21, 1992

>>Country Of Origin: Nigeria

>>State Of Origin: Lagos State

>>Occupation: Entertainer/ Musician

>>Record Label: DMW Worldwide


David Adedeji Adeleke or Davido was born on November 21, 1992. Now he uses the stage name Davido and is known better as an American-born Nigerian recording artist, record producer, and performer. His music is not only popular in the USA, but in his motherland Nigeria as well. The singer and producer was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His father came to the USA from Nigeria and became a business magnate. His mother was a lecturer in the local university. There is not a lot of information about Davido’s childhood or his first steps into the music career. However, we know that prior to starting his career, Davido went to the university. He chose a major connected with business and studied Business Administration at Oakwood University.

Exactly at that time, an interest in music industry overwhelmed Davido. He shared a room in a dormitory with another international student, a Rwandan track athlete. He remembered how surprised he was to see an African in his room. Davido also got very close with the guy who lived upstairs. Jaymo, the upstairs neighbor was American and was very noisy. Davido remembered that one day he went to go check what the noise was upstairs. After he opened the door, he saw a full studio in guy’s room. Then Davido told him that he was trying to do some music too. After giving it some thought, the neighbor asked Davido right away if he wanted to invest in equipment. He suggested that Davido invested $2,000 At that time it was too much to begin with, so he contributed $500 instead



Davido was doing music as a hubby until March 2011. He was a part of a group called “KB international” in the USA. But it didn’t work out as well as Davido would have liked, so he decided to proceed on his own. At that time, he felt that doing what you love and also making you money is happiness. So he started to record songs

“I started being around people that are musically inclined, i started doing what i love to do best and i’m happy doing it and making money at the same time”, he said.

Since meeting his new friends at the university, Davido spent all his time recording songs and searching for good beats. He sent all his recordings to his cousin in Lagos in hopes of getting into the music industry. Three semesters later, his grades dropped and Davido decided to quit university. He left town without even telling his parents about it. Looking for a new life, Davido headed to Atlanta, where he used his older brother’s ID for a couple of months. He used it to get into clubs and spent all his tuition money on drinks and motels. Later, he decided to leave the country and boarded a plane to London. He got rid of his SIM card and began a new life.

Eventually, he returned to Nigeria in 2011, and at that point, he started his music career for real. But due to father’s pressure, he still had to enroll in university, but this time to one in Nigeria.

In July 2015, Davido earned a Music degree from Babcock University and successfully graduated. His single “Dami Duro” was released in 2011 and it was well-accepted by the audience in the whole of Nigeria. Back in 90’s he had nothing, but now he and his elder brother Adewale Adeleke own HKN Music (a record label that signed Sina Rambo, B.Red and DeeKay).

Now Davido is not only recording songs but has also produced many songs for Tiwa Savage, Naeto C, Skales, and Sauce Kid. However, this is only one of his achievements. In April 2012, he signed a big endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria. With the support of Guinness Nigeria, on October 23, 2013, Davido took part in the “Guinness World of More” concert.

Davido also released some songs off the album like “Overseas” and “All Of you” which was produced by Gospelondebeat. Davido went further to promote the singles like “Ekuro”, Gbon Gbon”, “Feel Alright”, off the album with a music video.

In 2013, Davido started recording his second studio album of which he released “Gobe” with an accompanying visuals shot by God Father productions in SouthAfrica.

Davido also released more songs off the album including; “Aye”, “Skelewu”, “One of a kind” and so on. Of course most of the singles were given a well deserved visuals. Like “Aye” produced by Tspice, video was shot by Clarence Peters, “One Of A Kind”  was shot in SouthAfrca by Tebza of Godfather productions.



It was reported that Davido had signed a multi million endorsement deal with MTN on April 6, 2012, as he was unveiled as the new face of MTN Pulse. Davido also signed an endorsement deal with Guiness Nigeria on October 24, 2013 where he performed at the Guiness World of More concert alongside Psquare, Waje, D’banj, Chidinma, Tiwa Savage, among others, as part of the deal.

He has an endorsement deal with MTN worth N40milion and also a deal with Guinness Nigeria which made him perform at Guinness made of more concert along with other top artists in the industry. Although he claims to be 30billion naira rich Davido net worth is $20million.

Davido had received a total of 29 awards from 74 nominations as of December 2014 which includes, BET Award, Channel O music Award, Headies Awards, Kora Awards and many others.



The fans of famous musician are very curious about Davido car garage. In this article, we will tell you all the details about this luxurious cars collection.



Image result for DavidoCarsImage result for DavidoCarsImage result for DavidoCars


All fans know that Davido spends money without regret, and that is why the collection of the cars is growing every year. Davido cars collection is a big theme to talk in media. He collects exotic and exclusive cars. The latest one of David’s cars was his own birthday gift to himself.



One of the richest Nigerian artist Davido obviously enjoys his life. The singer is now living in in Lekki, Lagos and seems to have everything he needs: three-storey house, plenty of cars and a staff that sees to his needs With shiny-gold chain hanging around his neck, Davido greets his guests and talks about his story of success with journalists.





Davido can be said to be living An extravagant life, but when you keep working hard to get more than you have. there might be absolutely nothing wrong with the fast life

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