Many people are considering immigrating to Canada. This is due to the many benefits enjoyed by permanent residents of the country. New immigrants enjoy many opportunities, including most of the privileges granted to citizens.


    • If you immigrate to Canada, you will have the right to live and work anywhere in the country. You get free public education for your children and free medical care for you and your family as a permanent resident.
    • When you immigrate to Canada, you can bring your family, including your children. Plus, you can come and go whenever you want. You can still travel to your home country to visit family and friends.
    • There are financial benefits and social support for people who are unemployed or in difficulty for other reasons. Also, if you have children, you have guaranteed services. Plus, once you have resident status, you can help bring your family back by sponsoring your parents and siblings.
    • The quality of life in Canada is fantastic for its residents. Its crime rate is meager. You can also visit the United States without a visitor visa from Canada.
    • To immigrate, you must move to Canada. You can apply for Canadian citizenship and a full passport three years after your arrival. Then you can expand your commercial interests in the United States through NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement. There is also an investor program from which entrepreneurs can get help; the Government of Canada manages this.
    • If you compare Canada to Western European countries and Saudi Arabia, you can find plenty of temporary employment opportunities. Here’s a unique benefit of immigrating to Canada: New residents have the same rights, freedom, and citizenship status. It is unusual and significant.
    • What an excellent opportunity for new residents! Becoming a Canadian citizen gives you a respected and valued status. And, while you wait to be eligible for citizenship, you still have rights