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Check out the latest Canada benefit update for immigrant in 2022


There are many reasons why people immigrate to Canada. Good education, job opportunities, and permanent residency are few. But we are sceptical about how to launch your application. Usually, we go to an immigration representative, but we are shocked by their service fees, which will really exhaust your budget. In fact, a “representative” or “organization” will assess whether you are qualified, meaning that if they think you are qualified, you are really qualified. Why do you need it? They will not do anything to process your application faster or affect your eligibility for Canadian immigration. All we have to do is find out the requirements, read the instructions and submit your application.

The benefits of immigrating to Canada:

  •  Stay 1095 days and get a Canadian passport
  •  Free education for children
  •  Free medical care
  •  Social security after 6 months


1. Check whether you are eligible-Check whether you have worked in a specific occupation listed in the Canadian Occupation Classification or have at least one year of experience in the past 10 years. Most immigration representative websites have free online assessments. Make good use of it, it’s free. Or they may ask you to send your resume or resume to their sales or account representative. Feel free to send it via email. If they contact you by phone or email, it means they are interested in you because you are only qualified. Try the online assessment at least 3 times on different websites to double-check your qualifications.

2. Fill in the application form-The application form is available for free on the website of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

3. Find the visa office in your area According to the requirements of your visa office, your application form must be accompanied by a list of requirements, that is, birth certificate, police certificate, marriage contract (if applicable), etc.

4. Pay the application fee-you can now pay with cash or credit card. The application fee for over 22 years old is $550, and the application fee for under 22 years old is $150.

Note: After submitting your application, it will take one to three months (from the date your application is received by the Central Office) to receive a response. The authorities will assess the completeness and eligibility of your case. If your application is deemed ineligible for processing, you will receive a letter stating the reason and explanation for the refund of the processing fee. If your application is deemed eligible, you will receive a letter from the Central Acceptance Office, and you should start collecting the necessary documents mentioned in their letter, which also includes your file number.

If your situation requires an immigration interview, you will be notified by mail or email. Usually, you need to confirm that you attended the interview. You must attend an interview.
Tip: Check the completed application form (make sure to make a copy before sending it to the visa office). Be prepared to answer general and specific questions about your profession. Before the interview, try to find a job in Canada and read information about culture, traditions, and lifestyles, and prove that you are indeed doing this to show that you are trying to adapt easily to Canada.