In a positive development, from a migrant perspective, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has reduced the current pass mark required for its SkillSelect program. Now it is much easier for workers in Britain and other countries to move to Kangaroo Land for work.

    Last month, Canberra revealed that on July 1, 2012, and the pass marks required to obtain the score for EOI – SkillSelect will be lowered and will earn 60 points. Earlier – to successfully meet the demands of skilled migration – aspirants had to earn 65 points. The evolution, i.e. the lowering of the pass mark, is positive – the reason being that it implies that there would be an increase in the number of migrants who will have the qualifications necessary to file an application country visa.

    Who has everything to gain

    The aspirants of these visa categories (all based on points) have everything to gain:

    Qualified independent visa (subclass 189): It is intended for trained foreign workers, who do not benefit from the sponsorship of an employment provider/company, of a State or territory or of a member of the family.

    Qualified – Designated visa (subclass 190): it is intended for trained foreign workers who have been appointed by an Australian state or territory.


    Qualified – Nominated or sponsored visa (provisional) (subclass 489): it is intended for qualified foreign workers who have been appointed by a state or territory, or sponsored by a qualified parent residing in a chosen region from the Down Under.

    Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Immigration Australia said the new development was a key element in restructuring the country’s skilled migration program.

    These visas will remain open to new applicants until January 1, 2013, even if the passing score (points test) for them will continue to be 65 points:

    Qualified independent resident visa (subclass 885): this visa allows students from abroad – who have studied in the last 6 months inside Kangaroo country and those who have certain permits/visas temporary – to apply for permanent resident status.

    Qualified visa – sponsored (residence) (subclass 886): Although said visa works in the same way as subclass 885, applicants must have the sponsorship of a qualified parent residing within the country or be appointed by an involved government or state organization.

    Competent – Regional sponsored visa (provisional) (subclass 487): The visa/permit given is a provisional 3-year permit/visa for students from abroad and certain visa holders who do not meet the conditions implying a permit / qualified permanent visa. It requires that aspirants be appointed by an involved territory or a state government organization, or that they are sponsored by a qualified parent residing in a select area of ​​Down Under.


    The visa categories mentioned above fall under the new SkillSelect program. Via this program – before their visa can be duly processed – applicants must submit an expression of interest (EOI).


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