If you want to immigrate and work in Canada, there are many ways to fulfil your dream depending on your situation. For skilled workers in certain occupations, the best option may be the Canadian Federal Skilled Workers Program.

    Federal Skilled Workers Program

    The Federal Skilled Workers’ Program (FSW) was introduced into the Canadian immigration system in 2002. This program was – and still is – intended to welcome workers who demonstrate sufficient skills to adapt to the linked dynamic labour market. For the global and local economy. Since 2002, the Canadian government has identified various professions considered eligible for immigration under this program based on current and long-term gaps in the Canadian labour market. Nearly 240,000 immigrants were selected annually and admitted to Canada in this category between 2002 and 2008. In 2010, the Canadian government decided to review its immigration policies and reduced the number of eligible occupations to 29. Applicants must have at least one year A continuous and paid work experience in a qualified professional.

    Point-based system

    FSW is a point-based system similar to that in countries like the United Kingdom or Australia. Skilled workers with experience in a qualified career are chosen based on their ability to establish themselves economically in Canada. The following criteria are taken into account:
    •Practical experience
    • Knowledge of English and/or French
    Other criteria such as previous studies or work in Canada

    To be selected in this category, you must earn at least 67 points.

    The whole process takes about a year depending on the country you are applying to, which is a very long period compared to treatment times in other countries for similar programs, but if you are selected, you will get permanent residence and you will be allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship after only 3 years of continuous residence in Canada.


    Annual limits

    In June 2010, the government introduced annual limits to avoid overrepresentation of one of the professions listed. They decided to have a maximum of 20,000 (federal) skilled workers inspected each year. Within this limit, 1,000 federal skilled worker requests will be considered for each eligible profession each year. As of June 21, 2011, 12,682 of the maximum 20,000 orders had been received. Although the overall limit was not reached, some professions and professions reached the 1000 bishop very quickly compared to others. Those who reach the ceiling faster are:

    Health care professions such as nurses, dentists and pharmacists;
    • Restaurant and restaurant managers. And
    • Business and management professionals such as ISO consultants, advertising account managers, business management consultants, business analysts and promotion professionals.


    If you have a valid job offer from a potential Canadian business owner, the above limits will not apply to you, which means that you will be allowed to apply even if your career limit is reached. It can also improve your chances of approving your application, as you score additional points.