Best tourist attractions in Lyon

    Lyon, one of the most beautiful cities in France, has so many sights to offer. Appreciate the romantic atmosphere of the metropolis, take a closer look at the exceptional architecture, and appreciate the breathtaking scenery. Train travel seems to be the best choice to reach Lyon. Just book a trip with the Eurostar and enjoy the most romantic and surreal European holidays.

    Notre Dame-de-Fourviere basilica

    The imposing basilica was built in the 19th century and has striking architecture and rich history. Although at first, you might mistake it for a fortress; in reality, the amazing cathedral is quite inspiring. For tourists interested in visiting the attraction, admission is free and the gates are open from 8 am to 7 pm. Learn about French structural design, admire the interior, and spend quality time in Lyon.

    Theaters Romains de Fourvière

    Recognized as the oldest theater in France, Theaters Romains de Fourviere is very well maintained and highly appreciated by all residents. The theater, the odium, and the sanctuary offer all travelers fantastic scenery from the Fourvière hill. Appreciate the fine French artistry and learn about such controversial attractions. Discover Lyon and enjoy your retreat where romance and calm make you feel the past.

    Atelier de Soiree

    Lyon is known for its silk production. The city has over 400 years of industry experience, making Atelier de Soierie one of its main attractions. For travelers looking for innovation, a visit is sure to impress them. In addition to demonstrations and various displays, interested parties will also have the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the best silk-making techniques. Entering the studio is free for visitors, and opening hours begin at 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday.


    Aquarium du Grand Lyon

    Located just outside Lyon, Aquarium du Grand is a fascinating attraction. With different fish species and underwater fauna, tourists are sure to enjoy their visit. The aquarium is an ideal location for groups and families looking for entertainment in the city. The aquarium is open Monday through Friday and starts at 10:00 AM. Check out the great varieties, appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of the place, and enjoy your free time in Lyon.

    The Lumiere Institute

    For tourists who want to know how the history of cinematography started, the Lumiere Institute is the right attraction to visit. With the old-fashioned cameras used to make movies in the past, the setting is the ideal destination for movie buffs. Also, various films are sometimes screened at the institute to give people a better picture of French cinematography.

    Lyon is a beautiful city to appreciate. The beautiful architecture and beautiful surroundings will give all visitors a great time. Plan your visit to the city and go for the Eurostar train. It only takes a few hours from London to get to Lyon and you have the chance to enjoy a unique holiday.