There are many ways to become a permanent resident of Australia, but what is the best way for you? Here are the best 3 ways to become an Australian citizen.

    175 eligible independent visas

    175 eligible stand-alone visas are point-based applications. To benefit from 175 visas, you must meet the requirements in terms of age and proficiency in the English language and have a certain number of years of professional experience. Having 175 visas means that you can study in an Australian school, get medical care benefits, take care of others to obtain permanent residency, and most importantly, lead you on the path to Australian citizenship.

    176 visas are guaranteed

    Unlike 175 visas, which do not require any care, 176 are dependent visas, which means that you must obtain family or public care to be eligible for this visa. For family care, your family must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. Visa 176 allows you to travel and enter Australia for up to 5 years after obtaining a visa.
    For country care, an Australian state or territory may determine that your skills are required and that your profession is listed in the application list. Visa 176 is a three-year visa and during these three years, you must live and work in the sponsoring country. The visa also gives you and your partner full employment rights as well as a path to obtaining Australian citizenship. 176 visa applicants must take an IELTS English test to assess their level of English.

    Eligible regional visa 475

    475 eligible regional sponsorship visas are also a point-based application. Prerequisite requirements include age, fluency in English, work experience, and a general or qualified guarantor.
    To be eligible for family care, one of your parents must be a permanent resident of Australia and live in a specific area of ​​Australia. Designated regions vary from state to state:

    • You can live anywhere in Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania.
    • If you are applying for Queensland, you can live anywhere outside the Brisbane metropolitan area.
    Western Australia: anywhere outside of the Perth metropolitan area
    • New South Wales: anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.



    The same applies to state welfare. Once you live and live in your designated area for two years, you can apply for permanent residence.


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