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Are you looking for job in U.S? Examine the INS Jobs in the United States


Formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is an agency of DHS or the Department of Homeland Security. It manages administrative tasks and helps defend the interests of national security. The USCIS facilitates the entry of visitors and legal immigrants, as well as the arrest and deportation of those who attempt to enter the country illegally. The Immigration Working Group is made up of border inspectors and guards, detectives, detention officers, immigration officers and deportation officers. Immigration officers inspect passports, investigate and interrogate people seeking to enter the United States and its territories. They keep strict data, prepare reports and assessments and process residence applications. It is the job of USCIS to determine if a potential applicant is eligible to enter the country. For those who entered illegally, the USCIS Border Patrol Department is responsible for the expulsion of these unauthorized persons from the state and the stopping of contraband goods. Here are some of the interesting options available:

Security Specialist (Field Security Manager)

– Execution of the USCIS security program in an affected area
– Direct the USCIS security program in the designated area
– Training of recruits

Immigration Officer (FDNS)

– Identification of service fraud
– Prevent fraud by analyzing local, regional and national policies
– Investigation of possible fraud
– Future reports and recommendations

Information technology specialist

– Planning methods for software improvement
– Cost reduction analysis
– Provide technical support for hardware and software solutions
– Recommendations for service adjustments to speed up processes

Asylum officer

– Conducting interviews and processing asylum requests
– Conduct research and make credit decisions based on the law and status of a country
– Analyze security data to see if it affects the claimant’s asylum claim

Education Officer

– Examination of petitions and requests to determine relevance
– Conduct background investigations
– Appear before the court as an administrative representative of DHS
– Serve as a contact for lawyers and the media
– Review and upgrade existing USCIS programs
– Quality assurance and management
– Development of training and evaluation strategies for new employees

Application customizer

– Conduct research on the adequacy of people looking for benefits and work
– Analyze case documents to determine legal suitability for residency and other recommendations
– Research to find out if illegal activities or fraud have been committed
– Determine whether to reopen a specific case based on the data received