As those who have already gone through this process will be able to tell you, applying to become a permanent resident can sometimes be an overwhelming task as there is a lot of paperwork that comes with it and it can sometimes be easy to make a mistake.

    1. Not Filling the Forms Properly

    Many different forms need to be filled when immigrating to Canada. When filling these, all the directions must be read and followed thoroughly. On application, sometimes inconsistent information is also found; for example, sometimes the person does not spell their name the same way on all forms. It is very important that all the information you will submit with your application be consistent or it will likely be resent to you and you will need to do it again.

    2. Not Calculating the Points Properly

    To become a permanent resident under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and most of the Provincial Nominee Programs you will need to fulfil the point requirement for these. The points are based on your qualifications and experience and can sometimes be confusing because a lot of people are not sure exactly how many points to count.


    3. Missing Documents

    Although it is different for every type of immigration category, many documents need to be sent when wanting to become a permanent resident of Canada. Not only do all the required documents need to be sent, but they also need to be sent in the correct format as sometimes they will ask for a photocopied version, while other times you will need to send the original.

    4. Choosing the Wrong Visa Office

    If the application is not sent to the corresponding visa office, it will be returned to the sender. It is important to know who needs to receive your application for it to go smoothly.

    5. Incorrect National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code

    Unless they have a job offer with a qualified Canadian employer, people wishing to immigrate to Canada on the Federal Skilled Worker Program will need to have at least one year experience in a list of 29 eligible jobs. To prove their work experience it is necessary to get a reference letter from a past employer who can confirm the one year experience, however, if they determine that the skills in the reference letter do not match the NOC code, the application could be rejected.